Ty Pennington makes first HGTV appearance with new show ‘Ty Breaker’.

Ty Pennington New show:

Ty Pennington New show Ty breaker is all set for HGTV. Same Ty Pennington with different home renovation show. In his interview Ty Pennington made one thing clear that if you are passionate about something do follow that passion. He is coming back to TV after 8years with show called ‘Ty Breaker’.
Let’s find out more about his new show and many more latest updates.

“Ty Breaker”:

Ty Breaker is the reality show, it will mainly focus on families not living in fully renovated home. And this families are facing problems with their house. Now it will be Ty Pennington’s job to assure the families whether they can line in this house by renovation or they have to buy a new one. Along with Ty Pennington Alison Victoria will be cohosting the show. And Grace Mitchell and Sabrina Soto will be appearing on and off.

This concept of show become more and more important as buying new house can be a very big decision and it comes with a cost of loans, lifetime savings and all. So if families can live in the house with simple renovation why to go through all these hassles. He will also live with families to know the actual conditions of house.

Ty Pennington New show will sure make life easier for selected families and viewers will surely enjoy it.

Where To Watch:

Ty Breaker has 5 episodes you can stream all 5 episodes on Fox Nation’s official website.

premiere date :

11th of January 2020.

Ty Pennington Tv shows :

Ty Pennington New show
Ty Pennington New show Ty Breaker on HGTV

Fun Fact : Ty Breaker is the first show on HGTV to have person name in its title. Even Pennington admits he was shocked when he heard the title. However this is not the first Home makeover show Ty is hosting.

Here is the list of Ty Pennington Tv shows :

  • Extreme Makeover.
  • Trading spaces.
  • The revolution
  • American Diner revival


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Are you excited for Ty Pennington Ty breaker, After all he is coming back after 8 years with totally new concept.