Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Oregon

Why to choose online colleges & curated list of Top 10 online colleges Oregon:

Online colleges gives you full flexibility to pursue your education. Whether you are Adult pursuing your degree while working or student those who doesn’t want to opt for traditional way of schooling. And most importantly it has opened doors to single parents who obviously can’t go out in their own wish. These are the flexibility that provided by online colleges.

Are you tired of Rescheduling your work shifts to attend classes then online colleges is definitely an option for you. With online colleges you will have flexibility to eat while logged in into classes or do your most important work while attending online classes if you are a multitasker.

It’s not like old school courses where once class ended then you have no access to information. If any chance you missed your class you can still get your lecture once you are at comfort of your home. We curated Top 10 online colleges Oregon list keeping in mind that what you can learn freely at your home sitting and enjoying that coffee would be the same as attending lecture physically. Because half of our energy get drained while reaching our colleges.

Top 10 online colleges Oregon and why yo chose online courses
Top 10 online colleges Oregon and why yo chose online courses

As internet is being a necessity Of our day to day life, exploring this side of education system has become more important. And more importantly it will boast your professional life as well. Students having more online experience can blend into modern workforce without any problem. Online students can learn Uber of ways to with teachers and fellow batchmates. This will definitely increases the problem solving abilities of students.

The state of Oregon offers some best online courses in the country. It has great connections in terms of industrial growth. It is well connected with places like Portland and Eugene. It means it will be a great opportunity for students to make careers through online colleges. So we decided to provide you with the list of Top 10 online colleges Oregon.

Best Online colleges, Oregon 2020:

Top 10 online colleges Oregon, with their affordability
Top 10 online colleges Oregon, with their affordability

According to the research most families can’t even afford the average college fees. As per 2016 reports Oregon is one of the top 38 states in the country in terms of educational affordability. If you are living in somewhere else online college options can save you rent and transportation money.

There are many options like funding and grants, scholarships are available. This lists will provide you with different options with aspects like financial aid, accreditation and adult education programs.

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Top 10 online colleges Oregon in 2020:

  • Oregon state university located in Corvallis, OR.
  • Multnomah university located in Portland,OR.
  • Corban university located in Salem, OR.
  • Eastern Oregon university located in Le Grande, OR.
  • Concordia university-Portland located in Portland, OR.
  • Oregon institute of Technology located in Klamath falls, OR.
  • Bushnell university located in Eugene, OR
  • Portland state university located in Portland,OR.
  • Western Oregon university located in Monmouth,OR.
  • Oregon Health & science university located in Portland, OR.

Top 10 online colleges Oregon ( For 2 years courses):

1 Southwestern Oregon Community    College  Coos Bay, OR
2  Chemeketa Community College  Salem, OR
3 Tillamook Bay CommunityCollege Tillamook, OR
4 Linn-Benton CommunityCollege  Albany, OR
5 Clackamas CommunityCollege  Oregon City, OR
6 Klamath CommunityCollege  Klamath Falls, OR
7 Blue Mountain Community College  Pendleton, OR
8 Mt Hood Community College  Gresham, OR
9 Portland Community College  Portland, OR

Tuition and financial Aid : complete fees structure for Top 10 online colleges in Oregon:

Top 10 online colleges Oregon, with their affordability
Top 10 online colleges Oregon, with their fees structure.

Oregon is of those states which offers less financial aid per student(need based) as per research institutions. This directly means that students and their families has to pay more  for education in comparison to other states in USA. Therefore more than 33% attends unlicensed universities. The cost of in state tuition equals to 34% of Average Oregon family income.

Given below are comparison of average tuition rates in Oregon to rest of USA.

  • Undergraduate public college fees : $9,037( In-state) $25,657(Out-of-state)
  • Undergraduate private college fees :  $38,364 average.

Cost for online students in Oregon:

public college
Top 10 online colleges Oregon, with their affordability ( image courtesy –

As mentioned earlier, if you are pursuing online degree at online college in Oregon or anywhere you will save more money. Costs like room, transportation, campus fees are off the list. But there are certain things you have to consider while we are summing up cost.

Additional expenses of online colleges include:

  1. Technology Fee: Many online colleges include technology fee in their fee structure to provide numerous technical supports to students. This fees also covers online library access.
  2. clinical requirements: Assessment, inspection and filing fees is covered in this.
  3. class materials: Digital course material are not free. And it ends annually.
  4. Laboratory Fees : Distant learners opting for courses such as chemistry and physics and whatever course that requires lab use. They Chavez to visit campus for practical exams. Hence this fees is also included.
  5. Exam proctoring: you have to pay proctoring fees to use local online exam centres.

Qualifications for enrolling in given Top 10 online colleges Oregon ( In-state):

Lets understand qualifications step-by-step:

  • Must lived in Oregon for more than a year before enrolling
  • Residential proof required.
  • However, some colleges also provide same fee structure for in-state and Out-of-state students. Do check given colleges official websites for more details.

scholarship and financial Aids in online colleges Oregon:

Top 10 online colleges Oregon, with their affordability
Top 10 online colleges Oregon, with their Number of students opting for online classes.

More and more organizations are coming forward to provide financial aids to the aspiring students. As demand of education is increasing.

Here check out some options you can go for while attending online colleges.

  • Al Forthan Memorial scholarship.
  • BBB Foundation students of integrity scholarship.
  • Ford Family Foundation scholarship.
  • OSWILG/Harry S. Chandler Memorial scholarship.
  • pride Foundation Scholarships.

Grants ( For Oregon college students) :

  • Deceased or Disabled Public safety Officer Grant.
  • Oregon promise Grant
  • Oregon opportunity Grant
  • Oregon Chafee Education and Training Grant
  • Oregon National Guard state Tuition Assistance

For more details about promise grants click here.

Do share you college hunting experiences with us, till then happy learning!